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  1st day of MYOH. The day I lost my voice. But whatevs, SMILE!

 Okay, this is an example of a vanity shot. taken in my blue bedroom.

Team MYOH 2012. These people have my LAAAV. <3

 I got 2 pairs of havaianas, one for work and another I got for free from VIP night.

 What's the best way to unwind after a 12 hour shift? Coffee and a muffin.

 Here I am assembling my sister's pair. OOH,check out my lioness hair!

 Taking out straps and soles.

 My other pair. Pretty girly.

 And again, team MYOH.

 Totally rocking the Bare face and unbrushed hair for the day after MYOH. 

 Chocolate and Coffee!
My sister/photographer. Aniana.

When I'm not blogging here, I'm instagramming. 
Here's my week in vintage-processed photos.

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  1. wow! :) I saw you on the launching of MYOH! So sad I wasn't able to participate this year in MYOH I was so busy with midterms :) Nice slippers, btw!