My picks: MNG sale.

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 I'm alive and kicking!

Here are my picks for MNG's online sale. If you're wondering why there is 2 of that maxi dress. Its cause I'm unsure what color to get it in. I can play safe and buy blue or I can be risky and get pink. Then again, I own a hell of a lot of blue #favoritecolor

Help me out??

If you follow me on twitter (if you arent, i hate you! JK! hahaha. follow me! @itsmiaaa) you would probably have an idea how busy I have been with MYOH (Make your own Havaianas). I attended the launching night and was also part of the assembly team. YES. I ASSEMBLED FLIP-FLOPS AND STOOD FOR 12 HOURS. (I totally deserve a medal.) Blogging about that soon. Im still unsure if I should separate the VIP night post from the event proper. #bloggerproblems.

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