Waiting for the weather.

by - 04:11

Top: Bettina
Skirt: Soul Lifestyle
Platforms: Cheyser x SO FAB!
Hat: SM department store.
The hat's back. :)
Finally, an outfit post for you guys! Where I live, the weather has been horrible. It rains then it stops, the sun comes out, and then it rains again. UGH. So when I looked outside my window and saw the sun, I pulled this outfit together and crossed my fingers that mr. sun would stay out all day. He didn’t. It rained 3 hours after these shots were taken. I looked like a fool in an outfit worthy of the summer. Watching others shaking off their umbrellas and removing their jackets. 

Oh well, I tried.

Don't forget about MYOH on the 17th!

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  1. I'm loving that top! also the details with the accessories are fab

  2. how much is that hat? I want, scratch it, I NEED IT! LOL :D