Crossing. Davao Day 2

by - 06:39

Really crossed a busy street while Aidx took these photos! Super hiya! But so worth it! Aidx's shots are awesome. 

With Gail of YLM

Lunch at Selera

Aidx Paredes.

Dinner at Sbarro.

Dress: Topshop
Sandals: SM Parisan
Hat: SM department store.
Clutch: Accessorize.

My 2nd day in Davao was my only full day in the city. When in Davao, I make it a point to call on the blogger friends. So that day, I had lunch with Aidx, afternoon coffee with Gail and dinner with Farrah.

Oh! I love how all my blogger friends understood the need for outfit shots! Thank you Gail and Aidx for taking photos.

Missing Davao already!

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  1. being with blogger friends is the best! they would take your outfit shots no matter what :)

    The Bargain Doll