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I'm wearing pants from SOUL lifestyle, these pants are amazing! I love the high waist, the way it flatters the legs and sucks in all those little extras I have in that area (haha!) These pants also come with a funny story. When I was in Davao, I went over to Soul Abreeza and tried on these pants, and I wasnt too sure I liked how I looked in them! I felt as if I looked like some rice roll (suman)! Farrah (my forever love) assured me I looked fine, but being the over thinker that I am, I told her I'd sleep on it and just get them after. I was so busy the next day, that we had no time to go back to Abreeza. I texted Farrah to just ship me a pair. So that I could go to the gym work out as much as I could just so I could fit properly in these pants! HAHAHA! Storyteller Mia is back!

Top: Forever 21
Riding Pants: Soul Lifestyle
Bag: SM Dep. Store.
Sunglasses: RayBan Aviators
Watch: Appetime
Shoes: SO FAB! x Cheyser P.

You know those mornings when you know you have to be somewhere, but you have no idea what to wear? I get that too, A LOT. So to save myself from 2 things, One is sobbing (okay, maybe not sobbing. But you get my point.) in front of my closet and to save myself from being late. I have come up with what is in my opinion, 


Now,let me break it down for you. 

Its Button down top + Pants + Bag + Light accessories = Casual Comfort.

That's basically it. all you have to do is wear a good pair of shoes. I had to wear heels though, cause I had an event to attend in the morning. 

So that sums it up for today, now that you know my formula, tell me how it works for you!


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  1. i was kind of wearing this no-fail formula when we first met =) hiwaist pants, check. white button down top, check. only, i was wearing wedges.

  2. Hello hot stuff!! I like the pants on you! They make you look tall! and hooray talaga for formulaic dressing hahaha

  3. you look amazing! great pants and shoes xx