Make Your Own Havaianas

by - 23:41

All photos from Nikko Cordero

I attended the Make Your Own Havaianas 2012 launch night a while back and totally forgot to blog about it! *such a bad blogger

Anyways, MYOH is something I totally look forward to every year. I mean, I would never pass up the chance to be able to customize my own flip flops! I actually got 2 pairs of flip-flops check them out right here. Thank you so much to Havaianas' CDO distributor - Spruce,  for inviting me to the launch night this year. 

Oh! I was also part of crew this year! Yup, I stood 8 hours a day for 3 days and I lost most of my voice. had Making flip flops for all you happy customers.More photos from being a crew member here Tell me if you spotted me at LKK.

  I love everybody in this photo! Spot me! Hint, I have the lightest head of hair. :)

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