My September via Instagram.

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Here's what I've been busy with for the first 24 days of September.
Photos from my instagram account

 Nothing like blended coffee on a hot day. 

 A photo of my best friend/sister Mesy and I. Notice that my braces are back on. :( They'll be there for the next 3 months.

 I was practicing eye make up again in the middle of the night. #oddhours

 My dad has this funny habit of waking me up at midnight when he's hungry. Here's what I made for him last week.

 Here's my family's way of supporting my ongoing fitness frenzy. HAHA.

 My motivation and reminders are now on the fridge door. HAHAHAHA!!

 Blueberry lemonade.
 Made these sugar free chocolate chip cookies for my siblings.

 One teaser shot from my shoot with Angelo. Actual photos soon!

 Working out with my buddy Pao.

These two are also from my shoot with Angelo. Totally more risque than my usual! Cant wait to show you the rest!

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  1. I love the cookies, bo's coffee and your body! So sexy!