Camiguin Trip: White Island.

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I know its November and it’s strange of me to be posting about the beach. But I just got back from 2 night trip to Camiguin Island with my dad and my youngest brother. The last time I was in Camiguin was about 4 years ago, and White Island has always been on top of my Camiguin list. White Island is a sandbar located 1.7km from the main island’s shoreline. 

Here are photos from my morning trip there:

 Camiguin Island. The view is just breathtaking. The whole island is volcanic in origin. In fact, there are 3 volcanoes in this photo, Hibok-Hibok , Tres Marias and Timpoong. Only Hibok Hibok is active. I actually found it kinda cool that we were on a volcanic island with an active volcano. HAHA.

My DIY shorts, and a t shirt I butchered with scissors

You can totally tell, it was a windy day.

My brother Rafa, a sun loving beach bum just like his dad and sister.

My Tattoo. Its on my ribs. It means "Always do better."


We actually bought fresh sea urchins! Just for kicks. I couldn't bear to eat it but my friend actually did! Would you?

More photos from my island weekend soon!

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  1. I don't think I can bear to eat sea urchins.. kahit sushi niyan hindi ko kaya haha :))

    Camiguin is so breathtaking! wanna go there someday :)

  2. it was actually yummy, mia! well, only if you took just one tiiiiiiny bite, like i did! they say ur white island experience isnt complete when u dnt eat a sea urchin. and it isnt much of a murder coz they said they regenerate as long as you throw them back to the ocean. whether that's true, i cnt tel. haha

  3. Great body you have! You're very fit. ;) I don't think I can eat sea urchins. Ever.