Fresh Florals.

by - 07:01

I would like to point out that my pants provided enough flowers to fill this garden. HAHA.

Top: Baro't Saya 
Pants: SM GTW.
Arm party: Trendphile Clothing.
Shoes: SM Parisian.

There’s a lot I can say about this outfit. One, its rare of me to be in florals. Let alone pants that scream “Look at me!! I’m a walking bouquet!!” Or I can tell you guys that this is a fun-er and a more in trend version of my formula outfit. I’ll pick the latter, that this is a more hyped up version of my formula outfit. Im still wearing a button down top, jeans, and minimal accessories and heels. Its all in the pants!! Why don’t you don a pair of florals and tell me how it transforms your look?? 

I know I’m late on the floral bandwagon but I could not say no to these pants, they fit really well and were pretty cheap too! A steal at 799.00!! Maybe I should try wearing these with a printed top next time.

I’m not making much sense today,am I ?.  Im still birthday hung over. Forgive me?

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