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by - 07:28

  A more colorful set, featuring my Baro't saya pink bangles.

I could seriously take an eye out with these. :))

Soul lifestyle cuff and my Father's watch.

I've been bitten by the arm party bug! I've been spending what's left of my allowance and my birthday money to buy all sorts of bracelets to adorn my teeny tiny wrists. What I love is that I can go from glam and neutral to screaming neon with just a few changes to the bracelets.

When I'm not wasting money on my arm party, I'm off buying other trinkets. What do you think?

 65 pesos for 10 boxes of disposable falsies!!! Talk about cheap!! LOVE!!

Now, the reason I buy so many falsies is cause I really do use them. (None in this photo.) I have very deep set eyes that come off as droopy and sleepy if I don't wake them up with the right make up. Annndddd... as if to add insult to injury, I have THE. SHORTEST. LASHES. EVER. Like, they aren't even there. My usual make up is just like in the photo above. A subtle sort of smokey.

Okay, I gotta go! Im DIY-ing an old pair of shorts that I wanna wear tomorrow! Cause I cant afford to buy a new pair #poorpersonproblems.

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