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IM FINALLY 19!!!!!
So it was my birthday yesterday and I wanted to show you guys how it went. I spent it with my closest friends and my family. This year was different, no big party, just gatherings here and there.  I wish I had better photos to show you, but instagram will do just fine.

[x] Blowing out my birthday cake at 12mn. You can tell I’m pretty happy at this point, having downed as many drinks before midnight. Oh! Check out all those cameras in the first photo. Yes, my friends are instagrammers. HAHA.
[x] One of the highlights of my birthday was being allowed by my trainer to eat whatever I wanted. YES, FOOD FINALLY!!!! Here is my favorite banana walnut cake, with extra walnuts!!! YUM YUM.
[x] Pizza, I needed to eat greasy food after a night of debauchery.
[x] My mum’s present, gorgeous tan pumps.
[x] More birthday presents from abroad. The best being, the limited edition Yayoi Kusama neverfull. ISNT SHE PRETTY?
[x] Ended my birthday with my best friend who was unable to make it the night before. But I love her nonetheless.

Well, that’s it. That was my birthday. It was without a doubt the best birthday, so far.
It’s been a colorful 18th, I’m hoping for a even more vibrant 19th.

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  1. Belated happy birthday! May you have another great year ahead of you.

    Keep blogging on! ;)