Denim + Lace.

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 Messy, unruly hair. And I wouldn't have it any other way. #hairlove 

Top: Trendphile Clothing.
Lace Shorts and Pink Bangle: Baro't saya.
Bag: Prada
Flats: SM Parisian.

Here I am wearing lace and denim. Who knew that pieces on opposite ends of the pole would look this fresh and easy? Denim, has always come off (at least to me) as very tough and masculine. Lace, on the other hand is dainty and girly. So lace + denim = An outfit that looks easy on the eyes but is still very put together without looking sloppy. (Did you get that? I swear, it made sense in my head.)

I wore this outfit the day I got my roots bleached again. Hence the whirlwind head of hair. Bleaching is a pain I wouldn’t wish on anybody. Its this hot stinging pain that makes you wanna cry. Then again, if you really want to be blonde, you gotta do what you gotta do.

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