What's in my bag??

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Just showing you the day to day contents of my bag. So,what's in my bag?

My current bag, the Longchamp Tree of Life Le Pliage in white.  Its really just like the regular Le Pliage, but with birds on it. Haha

 A peek inside.

The everyday contents of my bag. There’s usually an ipad in there, but I was charging it.

My phones. A Blackberry 8520 and a Samsung phone.

MNG shiny gold wallet and mints in a hilarious tin can. PMS mints, the best mints...period! hahaha

A small notebook for taking things and random thoughts down and my favorite cologne, body and bath works vanilla series in lemon.

Cole Vintage snakeskin make up bag and brush case. 

All the brushes are from ELF cosmetics. The black brush is the taklon stipple brush for foundation and the other four on the right is the blush brush (the biggest one) a round eye brush (the round fluffy one, its to help blend out the shadows) a eyebrow brush (yellow) and a eyeshadow brush.

The contents of my makeup bag change depending on what I have to do that day. Today I had to bring all this stuff cause it was a Friday night, and I had to redo my makeup to transition from day to night.
Products from L-R:
ELF blush and bronzer duo pact.
 Missha perfect cover BB cream no.21
(this stuff Is magic!)
 Maybelline brow powder in dark brown
(I change this often, cause I change hair colors a lot).
NYX Nude on Nude Palette
 (has all the colors you’ll ever need). 
Benetint by Benefit.
 Nyx Matte lipstick in hippie chic and pale pink.
 Maybelline mega plush mascara.
Victoria’s Secret highlighter in champagne.

So here's what's in my bag. I'll let you in on a secret, If my bag was not white that day, I Would have just thrown everything in there. AHAHA! #messyperson.

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