Yachting in Camiguin.

by - 10:15

 My dad.

 My brother, after this shot, he was doing the whole "I'm flying Jack, I'm flying" from the Titanic movie. Adorable!

 More sea urchins that I won't eat.

 The old volcano. Mt. Hibok Hibok.

 Isn't the sunset beautiful?

Let me tell you something about myself, I love the water. I love the beach and the sun. I will never pass up any chance to get saltwater in my system. I always tell myself, that soon enough, I’ll be able to live on the coast, with the beach right there.

I was lucky enough to spend a lovely Camiguin afternoon on a yacht along with my brother and my dad (who loves the sea as much as I do.). We purposely sailed at 3:30 pm so we could snorkel and swim before catching the sunset hit the island at around 5:30. It was such a beautiful sight to see. 

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