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 Tank top: Forever 21
Skirt: Sabrina.
Bag: Tonic
Pink Bangles: Baro't Saya.

Meet my dog, Little! She wasnt really supposed to be in the photos, but since I forgot to close the door and she ran out of it to come to me, I had to include her. HAHA.

2 new favorites in one outfit! The bag and the skirt. This bag is currently what I am using for school since the print totally puts fun in our otherwise "boring" blue and white uniform. Such a godsend that its so spacious and sturdy! I had a notebook, a pencil case, all my regular make up, 2 phones and an ipad in there. And it all fir just fine! No more messes in my school bag!  Now the skirt, I love this skirt (and Teena of Sabrina for sending it to me along with another one) so much that I wore it the morning after it arrived. I already have so many outfits lined up for this skirt!! Such a versatile piece, I can take it from casual to glam with only a few tweaks. This is the, "I'm off to school to learn" look. HAHA

What do you think??

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  1. Hi Mia!! I likey your skirt :)

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