Chilly Nights.

by - 09:44

 White leather cuff and pants: Soul Lifestyle
Tortoise cuff: Tory Burch
Top: SM department store.
Bag: Balenciaga
Flats: Payless.

My first set of outfit shots taken at night. (Achievement unlocked!) Now, I'm no professional photog, so forgive the grainy photos. 
Here's an outfit I wore to an evening out with my family. And judging from the title and the amount of clothing I'm wearing, it really was a chilly night. But, despite the chills,we still went out to get ice cream and cake! HAHA!

It has come to my realization that this is the first year I've gone with out dressing up for anything for Halloween  BOO HOO! I had a fever that lasted from the 30th till the 1st of November another BOO HOO! I would have totally gone as Baby Doll from Sucker Punch or as an Indian of some sort.

Who did you go as for Halloween?

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