Instagrammed: First of November.

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Took my sunnies out for a spin on a "sunnier than usual" day.

 My school #ootd mint jeans, denim button down and white loafers.

Our view at lunch.

My school uniform!

 My daily pick me up! An iced cafe americano with lots of milk and no sugar.

3 year old sneakers. Aged with character.

Another 3 year old piece. Still one of the best buys I've ever made.

A small loot from etude house.

 Comfiest shoes ever! I'm starting to have a thing for loafers again.

 Army Navy double burger. This was a challenge to scarf down! Good thing I have a teenage brother!

Toffee Nut Latte. Its seriously Christmas in a cup!

 Hello, I'm Mia the monkey. Bored out of my wits.

Lemon squares!

I've been spending so much time at Starbucks now. They opened so close to school, that its hard for me to stay away!

CDO's new mall. Ayala- Centrio.

Another #OOTD for school A white button down and blue jeans.

So here's the first couple of weeks of November in an instant! 
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