Snapshots of Camiguin.

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I know were over my Camiguin trip, but I just had these last few shots to share with you guys! Enjoy!

 My little brother/ Photgraper and forever baby. This kid is such a beach bum, just like his sister!

 So my brother and I tried to take outfit shots. But we ended up with these ones instead.Silly, happy and colorful. The kimono is from Soul Lifestyle.
 My dad and brother. This is such a classic moment!

 Now, since the island is pretty isolated. The local government was really able to preserve the old houses around the city center. Aren't they beautiful?
 The Filipino way to beat the heat! Halo-Halo!


 My favorite snack. Bruschetta , its fresh tomatoes,basil and olive oil on a baguette. Then its toasted on a grill. You get a fresh blast from the raw tomatoes and then this smoky-ness from the baguette. YUM.
I can have this anytime,everyday! Low cal and filling!

 According to a local, the reason why there are so many authentic Italian restaurants on the island is that the majority of the foreign settlers are Italian. I was totally shocked to taste such great and organic bread! 

Mt. Hibok Hibok.

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