Starbucks Planner 2013.

by - 07:06

 This year, the theme or the message of the planner is to stay connected to family, friends and other loved ones. Isn't that just the sweetest? There are lots of notes and ideas all over the planner on how to be "connected"

I finally got my Starbucks planner! Yes, I drank 17 cups of coffee for this baby and since the drinks taste so delish, I didnt mind at all. The planner thing is something I do every year as a gift to myself. I feel even better that I got it before november ends. Well, the fact that a new Starbucks opened near my University has a lot to do with this. :)

Forgive my 10 day hiatus, school is finally catching up with me. 

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  1. ahhh love it!!:) wish i had a planner already!

  2. i can't wait to complete my stickers! planning to get the white one..:)

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  3. Check out the Starbucks Coffee Korea 2013 Planners !!

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