White Out.

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 These white pants from Mags are a godsend! White is so fresh and clean!

 I have suddenly developed an attraction towards loafers and boat shoes! I'm actually saving for Sperry's! They are just so comfortable. Pretty great for someone, who like me, loves to walk.

Top: Sabrina.
Shoes: Shoebox
Pants: Mags
Bag: Accesorize.

 I spend my Sunday afternoons with my family. I call it a “sundate”. And because I have a 10 year old brother who is usually left in my care, I needed something easy to move around in without making me look plain, sloppy and well…like my brother’s nanny. Thank the heavens for this amazing Sabrina top that can be worn with virtually anything! It’s dainty and sexy at the same time. My dad had trouble deciding whether to let me wear it or not. (Cause trust me, it’s much more revealing in person.) But since I said that I will be wearing white pants, he caved and let me wear it out to CDO’s new Ayala Mall. (More on that later).

What made my day even greater? The fact that Sunday is my cheat day! I spent the day restaurant hopping for desserts and sweets! And I even had a burger for lunch! Gotta love Sundays!

So here’s my fool proof “Sundate” outfit.
Tell me what you think?

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