Fortune Tellers.

by - 01:19

Top: Bazaar find.
Shorts: Spruce.
Bracelets: Trendphile.
Shoes: SM Parisian.

Can you believe the top only cost me 75 pesos? I found it at a bazaar about 2 weeks ago. I’ve always been a sucker for oversized button downs. Especially when it looks like that. Prints like this have always reminded me of fortune tellers and Gypsies. Why? I don’t really know.

So, what do I do when I have an oversized- attention seeking top? I tuck it in a pair of less-attention seeking high waist shorts. I wore shoes and accessories in the same pantone to keep my look from looking too busy.
 Oh! My hair isnt orange anymore! What do you think of my new ash blonde do?


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