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Pablo paid my city a visit yesterday. I'm honestly starting to think that CDO is turning into a storm magnet. And with a river that swells as horribly as it did last year for Sendong, its impossible not to worry again. 

Luckily, my city was ready this time. We didn't exaclty call on Pablo to come, he was coming uninvited anyways.( Pffbt, how rude.) As of press time, I'm happy to announce that there are 0 casualties in CDO. And losses are significantly lower than that of Sendong last year. I'm not saying that nothing bad happened. I mean, a few people lost parts of their homes.

 CDO will recover. CDO always does.

If you're wondering how I am, I'm perfectly fine. There may not be any power at my house and I may be cooped up in a coffee shop while waiting for all my things to charge. But I'm fine. 

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