Metallic Fantastic.

by - 07:20

Top and Pants: Cotton On
Bag: Accesorize.
Shoes: High Style Fancy

So, its 2013. I guess its time I make some changes and write up a couple resolutions. My dad has me and my siblings writing at least 2 each. I'll share one with you guys. One of my resolutions for 2013 is to "KISS". (No, not that kiss). KISS means "Keep it simple, stupid.". I've always held pride in the fact that I had a complex personality. But in 2013, I'm scrapping that and I'm going to keep things as easy breezy as possible.

Now, since this is a fashion blog, I know I'd have to make at least a couple "fashion-related" resolutions. So number 1 is to dare. Dare to wear things that the Mia in 2012 would shy away from. Number 2 is color. More specifically pastel colors. My closet has always been dominated by blue,brown white and black. I think 2013 would be a good year inject some pink and other fun colors in there.

With today's look, its both resolutions in one outfit! Im pretty glad that modern trends have allowed metallic sweaters. No longer are metallics limited to skintight clothing and the disco! And look there's number 2 right there! Mint green jeans!!

What are your resolutions? I'd love to know!
Mia. xx

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