Golden Pastels.

by - 05:59

There are 2 things I’d like to point out. One, I actually have lipstick on and its bright pink. Lipstick in any color isn’t really my thing, but hey it’s the New Year. Two, Its Probably one the few times I’ll be seen in pastels. I have to admit it’s a refreshing change from my usual blue, white, black and brown. 

 What’s even rarer? Its pastel and lace. I’ve always thought of lace as very dainty and girly, totally opposite my very stern and outgoing (to match my outspoken mouth) personality. But when my mom bought this dress for me, I couldn’t turn her down when she told me to wear it. I guess she wanted to see a girly and dainty me that day.

Do I fit the girly bill?

SM department store dress, High Style Fancy heels, Accessorize clutch and NYX lipstick.

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  1. pretty dress!:) love the shoes too! and yes, fit the girly bill!

  2. The shoes <3

    xx, Edda