Happy Valentines Day!

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My Valentines day was a mix of emotions. From bitter to happy. I guess I was sort of bitter cause Clarence wasn't around. (We live in different cities.) But I was determined to at least have a good day. So, here's how my Valentines day went. 

My day started at flower shop, where I picked up flowers for friends and family. I love flowers, always so bright and beautiful. I was thinking, wouldn’t everyday be a good day to have flowers?

Then I went out to lunch with the girls. I actually do this every year; have a meal with the girls on valentines. We usually end up talking about how dateless we are. HAHA.

Grilled to perfection, Rodeo Chops.

 A warm brownie cup.

And since I was dateless, I might as well make myself pretty. So I got a haircut. Hey, valentine’s day can be a good day to pamper yourself, right?

After all of that, I went off to my only class of the day. Math. I was so close to falling asleep when my teacher got really into all the functions and stuff.

As soon as I got home, my mom made us this. I’m not sure what to name it, but it’s made of rocky road ice cream, banana slices, strawberry and chocolate syrups.

A part of the message on Clarence’s e-card.

I finally went on my date, a skype date. J

So,that’s my valentines day. I was dateless, I didn’t get any flowers (the ones I’m holding are free from the flower shop.) or chocolates. But I spent it with friends and family. And that makes me happy.

Spread the love everyday.

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