Mock Interview.

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Mock Interview, I know it’s a pretty strange name for a blog post. But this was my outfit for a mock job interview for my business correspondence class. We had to dress up like it was an actual job interview. I even had a resume and an application letter ready!
 Did I get hired? I wont find out till tomorrow. (talk about suspense.)

I didn’t really own anything interview ready, so I had to buy the dress. I love this dress. I love that I got it on sale. Now I know that black really is a great choice for these sorts of things.In fact, Ive noticed that when shopping, I always tend to veer toward black, blue and white.  I guess that’s a good thing though, those colors are timeless anyways.

Mango SUIT dress, H&M belt, ALDO ring, Forever 21 necklace and heels.

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  1. You look stunning! that dress is really cute x

  2. Love how the photos turned out lovah! Plus the dress looks really good when worn pala. When I saw it at your house i thought parang it was too big on you/not your style. plus you wore the necklace!! bwahaha