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 Remember this top from this post? Yes, the one that reminds me of gypsy's and fortune tellers. Well it makes for a very good dress. Thank you Youtube gods for teaching me how to do this! See, this is why I think its always a good idea to keep an over sized button down in your closet. 

Here's a new happy dance to my new "outfit shot spot". Our neighbors moved out so now, I'm free to use their front gate as a background. No, I'm not happy they moved out. But you get my point. HAHA

What do you think of my "dress"?

Thrifted top, SM parisian heels.

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  1. i love your hair! makes me want to get a pixie cut again! discovered your blog through teenasabrina's IG, looove all your posts :) following you now ;)

    oh and that is one clever idea. i might just give that a try!

    toni perfumed red shoes