Simply Monocromatic

by - 01:13

 If  you were given a choice between a closet full of monochromatic clothes or an even bigger closet filled with all sorts of prints, which would you choose?

Let me give you time to think.

Time’s up! If it were up to me, I’d pick the closet filled with monochromatic colours. Why? Cause black and white will always be timeless. It’ll take you from trend to trend and from style to style. Black and white, no matter what cut it comes in, will always be chic and classy.

Take for example, the current skater skirt trend that I’m sporting in this look. Skater skirts, by the way, are fantastic! I love the flattering silhouette and its versatility. I could’ve gotten this in a multitude of colors. But instead I got it in black. Because this skirt in this color can take me from day to night. And from casual to formal. I actually wore this skirt the whole day. First wearing it with a denim button down and flats and then changing into this outfit for a party later in the day. 

Bubbles skirt, WAGW top and belt, Tory Burch charm bracelet and F21 necklace and heels.

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  1. lovely skirt! :) and yes i agree with you. i'd definitely go with the monochrome-filled closet!!