White Wash.

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The studded neck is such a convenience. It glammed up the whole look. 

I love this Tory Burch charm bracelet that I stole borrowed from my mom! HEHEE. :)

Baro't saya online dress, MNG clutch, Tory Burch charm bracelet, SM Parisian heels.

Here's my first outfit post with my pixie. The first thought I had when I saw my new cut was "Oh no, I can't wear half my closet!" Since pixie cuts were often associated with wearing edgier pieces. I was about ready to say goodbye to my clothes till I found this dress hanging in a corner. I tried and on and viola! It actually goes with the hair! 

Yes, yes. I'm late on the peplum bandwagon. But then again, as Farrah Garcia would say "Don't be a trend whore." Just because peplum is over doesn't mean I cant wear it anymore right? Such a shame to waste a perfectly great dress! And its a chance for me to trade in my usual LBD (little black dress) for an LWD (little white dress). Now, the LBD and the LWD actually have another thing in common (aside from they're both dresses.haha) Its that they both look glamorous paired with gold pieces!

What do you think?

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  1. hi mia!! I must say that your hair suits you a lot :D You look so gorg here!!

  2. i love this look, mia! and your hair! <3

  3. You look so good with your short hair! Only a few people can pull off that look! :)

  4. nice cut and you looked perfectly fine with the dress! :) btw, you earned yourself a new follower! :)