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Everytime my family and friends need a break form the hustle and bustle of the city (Not that CDO is that busy. But changes in scenery are always nice.) We drive about an hour south to Dahilayan, Bukidnon. Dahilayan is a developed area, tucked in the mountains. There are about 3 or 4 establishments here that cater to guests and families. There's zipzone, that houses the longest zip line in Asia  Mountain Lodge, is a cafe and hotel, perfect for some R&R. Dahilayan gardens, they say it has cottages and lush gardens (Haven't been there yet.) And lastly, there's Forest Park. Forest Park is a more of a activity park. With a huge play ground and rides you can try. There's luge, mini golf,  ATV and horseback rides, zorbit, buggy rides and many more that I cannot remember.

Now, since Dahilayan is quite chilly, I chose to wear a light sweater to keep me warm but not toasty. And since I was visiting in the summer, I needed some brightness! That's where the pants come in.

Sm Department Store pants, Penshoppe sweater.

My favorite spot in here is the pine forest. To me, it always smells like Christmas! 

Right outside the mini golf green is this display of vintage cars. Aren't they beautiful? I can almost imagine being in one of these at a drive in movie, being served popcorn by waitresses on roller skates.

Before lunch we decided to hit the greens for some mini golf. In case you ask, I sucked. It isn't as easy as it looks! 

 The highlight of our day was going on luge rides. 3 luge rides to be exact. Luge is a free wheeling track that falls on a downhill track. Now, what makes it fun is the speed and multiple turns, and then there's racing your own brothers and friends. :)

Here are some photos taken with my phone.

 Clarence and I taking outfit shots.
At the finish of our 3rd luge ride.

So, where to next?

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