Raise it up.

by - 19:59

I have two things to admit. One, I think I have to be put in denim-button down rehab. Two, shopping for jeans = not my favorite activity.

I think I may have too luch love for denim button downs. I own several and I wear them with everything! With jeans,skirts,shorts as a cover up and many other ways! They are just so versatile and comfortable!

Now, jean shopping. I cringe at the thought. I've been everywhere, high-street and low-end brands. But its always been a struggle to find a flattering pair that won't make my runners legs look like logs or wont show my muffin top off. If it was up to me, I'd be in shorts all the time. But since my school has a no shorts,no sleeveless dress code, I'm forced to find a pair. It was only after trying on about 4 other pairs of jeans; that I finally settled on this pair.

 Denim on denim. Two of the same thing actually looked good!

Trendphile Top, Terranova jeans, Rayban Aviators, SO FAB! heels.

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