Straight to the sunset.

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First things first, I AM BACK  And, I know its been about 2 weeks since my last update. But between training, construction related errands (translation: mom's driver) ,guests arriving, a really busy holy week and Clarence arriving ; I was swamped! You may wonder why I am finally blogging (even if Clarence and the rest of our guests aren't flying out till Friday.) it's cause I have a fever and a sore throat gone bad. And, I really really hate being sick.  So when my doctor told me that bed rest was the key to a speedy recovery, I picked up my laptop and set myself up for a Game of Thrones marathon. And when my boyfriend reminded me that there is more to life other than G.O.T, I dug out my files and found all these outfit shots that I haven't even touched! 

Now, on to this outfit. Since the summer has finally set in, which means the sun is blazing-burn your skin hot. (Do not forget your sunblock. Ever.) Easy breezy clothes like this are a staple. This dress is unbelievably light and cool, which makes it perfect for when temperatures soar. I have to admit, that I really didn't give this dress much attention when I received it, it was just this form-less straight frock hanging on thin straps. Thank the closet gods for the belt that cinched this dress and made it pretty! All I needed was a hat, sunnies, sandals and my bright yellow bag for some summer punch! 

Mango dress, Balenciaga bag, RayBan sunglasses, SM department store hat and sandals.

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  1. Oh Mia! I absolutely love your hair! It looks soooo good on you! :)

    Get well soonest! :)

    Ericka of