Coffee Shop Regular.

by - 09:17

Okay, its no secret. I practically live in coffee shops. I love love love (yes, 3x the love) coffee and tea. I do most of my work there whether its for school of for my blog, I set most meetings there, I eat lunch there, I hang out with my friends there and I spend alone time there. I love the vibe and the sound of people chatting. I like the way the baristas know my drink and just how I like it (non-fat, no whip). I love how coffee shops smell, you know, that inviting smell of coffee that makes you think warm and comforting thoughts. I know that coffee is readily available at home, but nothing beats the "Coffee Shop Feel"

If you must know, No, I did not have a photo shoot at Starbucks. I have a sister who likes taking photos. HAHA.

My favorite "cheat day" drink. Green tea cream frappucino with 3 pumps of hazelnut syrup. YUM.

Wow. Why so serious?

Belgian waffle with whipped cream,drizzled with strawberry syrup.

I mustache you a question. HAHAHA

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