Sanctuary One: Anniversary Fashion Show.

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Last Sunday, I received an invitation to Sanctuary One. The 1st year anniversary celebration of CDO’s very own Sanctuary Spa and Salon. They celebrated by putting together a fashion show featuring the designs of one of Cebu’s best; Lemuel Rosos. Modeled by models from Cebu and CDO. 

They opened the show with an amazing display of POY dancing.

Lemuel’s Resort wear collection was very reminiscent of a sort of 70’s summer. It was nothing short of bright and fun!

Now, on to casual wear. Totally on the opposite end from his resort wear. It’s very neutral and exudes a calm and relaxing vibe. 

My favorite part of every fashion show, Formal Wear. I guess it has a lot to do with my inner princess fantasy HAHA. These dresses were all so elegant and beautiful

My favorite piece in the entire show!

Isn’t she beautiful? Diana Meneses, Brazilian Model.and one of Sanctuary's new endorsers.

The owner of Sanctuary (In pink) Along with all their new endorsers.

My brother = my default date to events.

This is Maria Gigante, she’s one of my best friends. We were classmates for 2 semesters back in Cebu. I was really happy to see her in CDO. 

Now, staying true to my Fashion Blogger duties. I made sure to get an outfit shot. Here's what I wore to the show.

I decided against going in  color and wore black and just injected the color via my clutch and shoes.

 All photos courtesy of Nikko Cordero.

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