Dressing For School

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For most people, classes have officially started . If you’re one of the lucky few who still have a few days to be lazy and carefree; MAKE IT COUNT. Go to the beach, go out with your friends or run all your errands.

Dressing up for school isn’t my favorite activity. Cause honestly, I’m really lazy. I’m so thankful to uniforms for saving me the hours of thinking about what to wear and stuff. But since uniforms don’t have to be worn for a while, I’ve gotten school dressing down to a T. 

First, I start with a top that’s comfortable and easy. Eiether a button down or a tshirt. This shirt from Galey Temple is perfect! Its white, which makes it cool and easy on the eyes. The print is eye-catching and interesting, no more boring plain white shirts. J

Second, I wear bottoms that don’t restrict movement. I’m usually in jeans or jeggings like this. I like how they are tight but they don’t stick to the skin enough to make it really hot.

Third, a bag that fits all my stuff. I like keeping my hands free when I’m in school. Usually, I bring a planner, my phones, my charger,a small makeup kit and a pen to school. But that’s only cause we don’t have to carry books yet.

Last, and probably the most important tip. Shoes you can actually walk the whole day in. Sneakers like this are good because you last the whole day in them. I do A LOT of walking and it’s important to always have comfortable foot wear.

Now, that’s my take on school dressing. Tell me what you think! 

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  1. school appropriate! schools have different dressing codes, so I really make sure not to be restricted by the guards because of the way I dress. I usually just wear something like your getup. Plainly shirt, jeans, comfy shoes and bag enough to fit all my stuff.. :)