Easy, Breezy.

by - 07:28

Who doesn’t love dresses that are easy-breezy? You just pop one on and your good to go! I personally have a bunch of these lying around. You know, so the fashion gods don’t curse me when I decide to be lazy. I was pretty happy when this one from Bowtie arrived! It matches my cropped denim top from MAGS pretty well. I wore this to a lunch date with someone special and I was so filled to the brim with cheerfulness J I just had to well...twirl and make silly faces. (Cause that’s what you do when you’re cheerful right? Someone please agree with me!) hahaha

Lately, I’ve noticed that I’ve been wearing  more and more white clothes. And why shouldn’t I? Its easy on the eyes and goes with almost everything!

Bowtie Dress, MAGS Denim top, Charles and Keith Sandals.

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