Growing up.

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 Maxi dresses are tricky, they can either look too frumpy or look really good. Now, I’ve discovered that the key is in the fit. Like this particular dress for example, fits me just right and had a really high slit that balances it out. Now the slit makes me quite uncomfortable, but what the hell, if it looks good It looks good right?

Now, you might wonder why I’ve titled this post “growing up”. I’ve had a few issues on my plate lately. And as I was processing what was going on, a friend of mine gave me a great piece of advice.

“You don’t have to fight every battle that you encounter. You have to know when to concede and decipher which battles are worth fighting. And when you can do that, that’s the mark of a mature person.”

MAGS dress

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  1. love this set of photos. Blooming kaayo ka, the dress is simple but gorg and im so jealous of those collarbones! HAHA

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