What's in my school bag?

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Picking a bag for school can be quite tricky. You want it spacious but not heavy, yet sturdy enough to hold all your things and more. This semester, I alternate between this bag from Parfois and my Longchamp Le pliage. I love this bag cause everything fits and is still chic enough to be used on regular days. So here's what goes in my school bag. 

Now, short note. The contents really change depending on my classes and my schedule that day. So, what I've posted here is really the more used and common stuff. :)

1. Planner, Notebook, File Folder and Pen-case.

I'm the type who likes to write things down. So, I refer to my planner for my schedule and for things I gotta do. And what's funnier, I write with many pens in many colors. Hence, the full pen-case. I also have a file folder for all the paper and photocopied material I use in classes.

2. Iphone and Charger.

If you haven't noticed yet, I am hooked on social media! My poor Iphone dies really quickly so I need to bring this battery case with me. When I don't have the case, I bring the real charger.

3.Basic Makeup and Perfume.

I'm not a fan of  full and heavy makeup for school. But I am all for looking good and fresh. My daily makeup formula is Face-Brows-Lashes-Lips.I apply BB cream and do my brows before I leave home and I  bring my 3-layer compact from Lacvert (A Korean brand.) for touch-ups. For my lips I use Burt's bees lip balm in mint (cause it smells amazing!) and MAC Pure Zen lipstick (I alternate that with MAC Snob.) The mascara is Maybelline Mega Plush.

So, that's what is in my bag. I'd love to hear what you think! 

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