I do.

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About a week ago, my yaya-Ate Weng got married. Now, she’s been with us 19 years and yes, she practically raised me. She married a man who well and truly deserves her love.
Some details of the wedding are too private to share. But I can show you what I wore to such a wonderful occasion.

Now, since it was a small-simple wedding, I chose to go in something slightly semi-formal. But, I just couldn’t let go of some fun. My skirt looked like flowing pink silver. And cause my skirt was already such a great piece, I wore a simple tank top with a few embellishments to cap it all off.

Maxi skirts truly are heaven sent. I had such an easy time moving around and doing my duties. All without worrying about peek-a-boos and being limited by my outfit.

Teena Sabrina skirt, Mango SUIT top, Promod sandals.

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