Minty Fresh

by - 05:09

 Let us set aside my obvious weight gain and take the time to look at this amazing skirt. I’ve always shy-ed away from lengths like this because I was afraid of it looking peculiar. But LO AND BEHOLD! ! ! This mint green skirt is perfection. It’s classy and is perfect for the current weather. Major props to Teena Sabrina for wearing her skirt and rocking it at this year’s preview ball. Actually, I saw a photo of her in it and I just had to have one!
The tricky bit was trying to find tops that looked good. I realized it looks great with fitting tops and cropped ones. But since I’ve been on the heavier side lately (due to several gastronomic date nights with Ralph), I opted to wear this round neck from Promod instead. 

Promod top, Teena Sabrina skirt and SM Parisian heels.

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  1. Hi Mia,

    I love your style! I've been browsing your blog about 2 or more hours during office hours. haha! Because your style really catch my eyes.. I'm also a Filipina blogger. Follower you on twitter and bloglovin. :) God bless you more!

    <3 Marse

  2. hi there! I think this is gonna be comfy to wear like going to public places enough to socialize with friends!

    I hope you can visit my blog and I'd love to do a follow-for-follow with you! XOXO :)