Instagram Photo Dump. September 10-22.

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I'm a really huge instagrammer. With countless SELFIES to boot! I try and post probably once a day the most being 4 times a day. Which explains why my phone is always dead. My IG is the extension of my Blog.

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 Here's what I posted on my instagram from September 10-22, 2013.

Let's start with photos from a friend's wedding on that I attended on Sept 15. Now, I didnt get to take as many photos on my phone as I wish I did, probably cause I was busy enjoying my food. HAHA.
This was the reception set up. So beautiful!

Now, Ralph (The guy im hugging. And who also happens to be my boyfriend.) Ian (The one with the crazy face) and I probably already had a lot to drink by the time this photo was taken.


Cheesy but necessary couple photos. 

Now on to the #SELFIES and #OOTD's haha. Yes, I know selfies are annoying. Sue me. 

#postworkoutselfie I took this after a quick 5km run. 

Another #postworkoutselfie. This time I took this after core and pilates. I still have so much work to do. 

#throwback to when I had my Blackberry and ombre hair.

#selfie after I got ready for the wedding. 

#OOTD on a casual errand filled day. These Havaianas flip-flips saved my feet.

#SELFIE during the wedding.

Now, its time for a small jambalaya of photos of food, my family, random knickknacks and my dog.

 I love B and J. My favorite flavor is Chunky Monkey. 

Just something I made on a day I was too lazy to actually cook lunch.

LUCIO. My baby boy. 

My Profane Iphone case.

My Siblings. Matthew Raphael, Maria Aniana and Miguel. Notice all the M's ?

LUCIO again.  Look at that happy face. ADORBS.

My make-up all organized and clutter free. 

Ice Cream. Something I needed on a very very hot day. 

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