Puddle Hopping+15 Random Things About Me.

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Since this outfit is just a randomly casual one that I decided to don on a rainy day. I’m going to up the randomness by telling you 15 random things about myself.

      1. I am really scared of cold water
-  I will literally yelp when cold water touches my skin. HAHA
2.  I don’t eat doughnuts.
-   I had a fresh one as a kid, and when I bit into it the oil spilled out. Grossed out since1999.
3. I don’t enjoy watching tv.
4. I have 0 photoshop skills.
- All I know how to fix is the lighting in photos.
5. I am 5’6.

6. I like watching movies on my own.
-  That’s really only if it’s a movie I really want to pay attention to. Being with a group is fine too.
7.  I am a huge Star Wars fan.
-  As a kid, I wanted a pet EWOK. May the force be with you.
8.  My closet is dominated by white,brown,blue and black pieces.
9.  I love the color blue. Any shade of blue.
10.   I have 2 brothers and one sister.

11. I wear size 9 shoes.
12.   I love to eat.
13.  But, I also love going to the gym.
14.   I’m a college student currently taking up International Studies.
15.   My real name is Martha Isabel.

So, that’s 15 random things about me. Tell me about you… 

Esprit Top, Giordano Jeans, SM Parisian boots.

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