Slightly Chilly.

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It’s already November 11, where has the year gone? 2013 has zoomed by so fast. Anyways, November has brought with her my favorite kind of weather. The chilly-but-not-too-cold kind. Well, it will never really get too cold, cause the PH  is a tropical country.

Now, I’m a huge formula outfit person. What’s a formula outfit you might ask… it’s a sort of specific way of putting pieces together. It’s when I take something and it becomes a variable in my formula outfit. I’ve got lots of formulas for different types of outfits. Like, I’ve got one for chilly weather, for going out or a casual date…etc. I turn to these when I’m in a rush or when I’m in the mood for something easy.

This outfit is my chilly weather outfit. Sweater+jeans+bag+boots. Now, the key to dressing with a formula is little details. If you look closely, my sweater is shiny, the boots have cut-outs and I added a necklace for some glam.  Altogether, those details are what make this outfit interesting, but still comfortable.

Tell me what you think?

I love this necklace! It's eye-catching but totally not over the top. 

Oh, meet my new favorite boots. Finally, a pair with cutouts!! I had hearts in my eyes when I got them. LOVE!!

Cotton On sweater, Giordano Jeans, SM Accessories necklace, Prada Bag, TONIC boots.

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  1. love your peach sweater, mia! i need to stock up on those too for the coming chilly december and january nights :)