Taking It Slow

by - 07:05

Taking a moment to appreciate the fact that I actually have the time to blog right now. With school, fitness and my sister-duties going on, I rarely have the time to rest, let alone edit and write.  I have so much school work to do, I'm about to explode. 

So with that going on, comfort dressing has taken all the space in my heart. This maxi skirt from RIG apparel just hit home. Its comfortable but its got 2 sexy slits that make it easy-breezy. So this another one of my comfortable outfits that are glammed up by tiny details; the slits, the cutouts and my favorite necklace. I wore this outfit to a store opening and I came straight from a full day of classes. Talk about a quick change!!

Love my skirt as much as I do? Get yours from @rigapparel on Instagram now!!!

See the marks on my face? A mosquito bit me on the cheek  like 5 seconds before this photo was shot. 

RIG apparel skirt, Sabrina top, PROMOD flats, SM accessories necklace and long wallet, Tory Burch leather bracelet.

Photos by Nikko Cordero

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