Eventful Friday.

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Here's an outfit I wore to probably the busiest Friday afternoon of my life. I had to be at the Besimon launch event by 3 and did a few things and didn't notice it was already 2:15 !! So, I did my make-up as fast as I could and got dressed really quickly. As I was driving to the event, I was met by a non moving line of cars at really close to the mall that the launch was going to be at.  (Later  I found out that it was caused by a car accident that had blocked a major intersection.) Anyways, I get to the event 45 minutes late and  many others were late too. We started and things went smoothly from there. 

Next up, at 6 pm. I had to drive myself to another mall to attend another launching for another brand.  Thankfully, the traffic had cleared. That launch was quick and I spent my time there with the same friends who were at the Bensimon launch earlier. We had a few finger foods and chatted for a while, but then it was already 7:30 pm. I had to rush off to a rehearsal for a fashion show. That lasted till about 10 pm. I was dead tired. I was in those shoes for so long that my feet were numb. 

So, I drive myself home and on the way, I stop at a mini mart to grab a few snacks and when I get back to my car, IT WOULD NOT START. I know nothing about cars except filling it up with gas and driving it. I had no idea what to do, I was alone, in this outfit at 10 pm at a mini-mart!! The guards at the mini-mart were thankfully the same guards at my village and offered to help me. They told me to open the hood and saw that something about the battery was loose. They also told me that was pretty normal and could happen to anyone. I gave it a few tries and I never thought that the sound of my car turning on would be music to my ears!!  

I got home, tired, numb and just fell asleep.

How did your Friday go?

PS. Blogging to you now from Davao City. Enjoying my holiday early with my cousins. I'll update you with vacation photos once I get my new laptop sorted out. I'll be travelling to General Santos soon to see more of my family!


Check out my lips.  I was actually just standing there waiting for Nikko to finish changing the settings on the camera. Little did I know, He snapped this photo of me playing with my face. HAHA

Love Culture top, Baro't Saya online Skort, Prada bag, Ezra heels.

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