3 day cleanse kit from Fitness Potions.

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Sometimes, in between work, school and trying to manage the rest of my life, I tend to forget to take care of my body and watch what I put into it. A cleanse is really the right thing to do after all that abuse. So, how exactly do cleanses work? A cleanse does not mean you have too give up your solid food for juices, but you take the juices as a compliment to your healthier meals. 

With my Tame and Typical cleanse Kit from Fitness Potions, I drank 2 bottles for breakfast and had a light salad and a light clean meal for dinner.  I also coupled it with a good hour at the gym.

The cold-pressed, organic juices help flush out toxins that you've been keeping in your body. Trust me, after my cleanse I felt a whole lot lighter and healthier!!

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