White Wash

by - 07:37

I always wear white. In fact I have a section in my closet dedicated to white clothing. White is always fresh, clean and never over the top. On top of all that, white is the easiest to style! Especially when they come in great cuts, like this top. Its not too much plunge and is the right amount of sexy. Like I always say, Sexy is not about too much skin, but baring of skin in the right places.

Decided to wear this all white ensemble to a small dinner with friends. And to make it look a bit more luxe and eye-catching, I added this beautiful necklace for some color.  

  You would never guess that I got these shorts for 50 PESOS. Yes, that's right 50 pesos. I found them while touring around the markets in Davao. Aren't they perfect? <3

Romwe top, Thrifted shorts, Sammydress necklace and EZRA heels

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