Martin's "Surprise" Party.

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So, it's been about 2 weeks since my last post. School, fitness and actually trying to still have a social life is taking up so much of my time lately. Any free time I have left is for taking naps and going on Instagram. Anyways, I threw my boyfriend a "surprise" party on Friday night (February 7, 2014). I say "surprise" since he found out like the day before. He blackmailed me into telling him that I had something planned. UGH. Cooperation not in his vocabulary. 

I planned this small and intimate gathering with friends and family. Held at a bar that my friends and I frequent;  Burrow. This place makes the best nachos I've had ever! I ordered 12 plates of it for everyone that night, along with some other food and a whole lot more drinks. I was seriously a busy bee that night making sure everyone was okay. Hosting a party is tough work. My thoughts the whole night were "OMG, has guest eaten?" "I think I should check if we still have food." " Is the boyfriend having a good time? Are the guests alright?" and "Make sure everyone is happy."  I was so busy thinking, I forgot to eat! Well, I did have like 6 heavenly red velvet cupcakes later on. (Oh my, don't even get me started on those!! They were perfect, and the creme cheese frosting was amazing!! Thanks for baking them Cams!)

Thankfully, despite all that and all my over thinking,  The whole night went pretty well and I have everybody who helped me out to thank for it!

Here's a video of us greeting him a Happy Birthday. (From Instagram)

I wish I had my digital camera with me that night, but it proved too bulky and I didn't want to be running around taking pictures and entertaining guests at the same time. So, all I have are these scanned Polaroids from that extremely fun and wild night! Polaroids really do make me appreciate photos more. I guess it has a lot to do with the photos being actual prints rather than just files on your phone or laptop.

Hugs, kisses and cupcakes with my best friend Mesy.

Camille (Aka, Cupcake Queen.) Daniel (Mr. Crumble. Check out #pineapplecrumble to know more) Lauren and John.

Here I am with Dada and Camille.

Pulling another Miley face. HAHA. There's Martin and Kirill.

 We took this photo pretty ate which explains why we aren't complete. But can you see the fun in this shot?

My boy and his bro's


My best friend and my boyfriend (He's happy, I swear!)

The boys.


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