What's up?

by - 10:17

Quick update on what's currently up with me. The month of march has finally rolled in and I am SWAMPED. March means finals and for some reason all teachers decide to give us work all at the same time. I have about 6 papers due and I haven't even started any of them. I know I should, but I have this weird thing with like doing them all last minute. (Kids, I am not a role model for preparedness.) Aside from doing them last minute, I work so much better at night. My mind just flows and comes up with so much when it's about 2-6 am, really weird. 

I still do some work in coffee shops though. Usually when I decide to do work in between classes. I pack my computer with me and have some coffee for the day.

So now, I try to balance school work, fitness, (I always make time for fitness, best stress reliever.) a social life and still have time for myself at the end of the day. 

Seriously, I cannot wait for summer to come.

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