Mango- Banana Oat Parfait.

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It's no secret that I have fallen in love with fitness and eating clean and healthy. It's basically all I Instagram about now. But I cannot fight my inner cravings for sugar and all things sweet and savory. To satisfy this craving, I always make a clean and natural mango- banana parfait. Its so so easy to make, so nutritious and a well balanced snack. You have the natural sugars from the fruit, fiber and carbs from the oats and healthy fat from the yogurt. I have this as a snack when I'm studying, or when I'm just in the mood for cake and its not cheat day. hehe.

Here's how to make this super easy treat: 

For the mango- banana topping:
- 1 banana, chopped into fine pieces.
- Mango meat (I used two cheeks) also sliced finely.
- 2 tsp of honey

For the rest of the dessert:
- Old fashioned rolled oats or muesli
- Greek Yogurt. (Or any yogurt you have at hand.)

Now, heat up a pot and add all your ingredients. It helps to add about 2 Tsp of water to get the juices going. Mix till you get a jam like consistency. Once that's done, remove from heat and set aside.

On to the assembly of our snack!

Add some oats or muesli into a container (I used a jar so I can seal it off and bring it around with me).

Layer on some yogurt. I use Greek yogurt.

Layer on some of that yummy mango mix we made earlier, some more oats and yogurt and some more of the mix.  A parfait is simply a layered dessert, so go crazy, have as many layers as you want! And you're good to go! I like adding some almond milk on top to wet the oats so that I get a mix that's not so dry.

Enjoy your sweet treat! Let me know if you try it!

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  1. Mia, where did you buy the greek yogurt? I've been looking for ages! :(

    1. Rustans. It's not always in stock tho. :( I'm looking for alternatives to yogurt.